Are you coming to the Memphis Zoo? Well good for you!
The Memphis Zoo is a great zoo.
Are you bringing your car? We imagine you are!
This site will tell you where you should put that car.

You’d be sad too if
a car was parked on you

A lot of cars like to be parked in parking spaces.

A Lot of ParkingParking spaces come in different shapes and sizes. The Memphis Zoo has parking, but it fills up quickly.  After the Zoo’s parking lot is FULL of cars, they have an alternative parking area. Do you know where that is? It’s in the Park! WOW! Can you imagine? They want you to park your car on grass and dirt and dust and bugs on public property. You know what’s nutty about that? They still charge you to park there even though it is not their property. Do you know what Clint Eastwood would say about that? We don’t know exactly either, but it would be poignant and intimidating. But, it would be something along the lines of Don’t Do It. Look how sad the Park is with all the ruts the cars make. You can hear it scream in agony as vehicles drive over its face. Here is a list of things you are killing by parking on the greenspace in the Park.

List of things you are killing by parking on the greenspace



Rolly Pollys
Mother Nature
Faith in Humanity
Four Leaf Clovers
Good Luck
Hope For A Brighter Tomorrow
The Dreams of a Child


To park at the zoo costs FIVE DOLLARS!

In this day and age, five dollars is hard to come by.


Here’s a list of things that are better than spending
FIVE DOLLARS on parking your car.

Stuff at the Zoo gift shop

Pellets to feed the farm animals
Mad Libs

Is there a better place to park?
You bet your sweet apple sauce there is!

Around the Zoo in Overton Park are plenty of FREE spaces to park in. Then park has both security and police patrols. You can park on any of the designated streets absolutely free. And these parking spaces are just a small, good old fashioned, American family walk away from the entrance of the Zoo.And if these spaces are full the Zoo just happens to be in the middle of one of the coolest, most historic, most awesome, most accommodating, friendliest, safest neighborhoods in town… The Evergreen Neighborhood. See the map for other perfectly free and wonderful spaces to place your car.


Print off this sign and place in your window…